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Fresh-Aire UV Whole-House Air Purifiers

Welcome to Fresh-Aire UV, makers of the world's best whole-house UV light and activated carbon air purifiers. Our products clean the air throughout your home or business because they are installed directly inside your central air system. Microbes and odors are eliminated as air cycles repeatedly through the system.


Award Winning Innovation


With numerous industry awards and patents Fresh-Aire UV is recognized the world over as a leader in the areas of UV light disinfection and indoor air quality.

Fresh-Aire UV Industry Awards

Made in the USA


Fresh-Aire UV products are designed and assembled in Jupiter, Florida. All of our parts and sub-assemblies are also made in America with a few unavoidable exceptions.



Building owners, managers, and engineers around the world rely on Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) products to keep their HVAC systems clean and efficient while improving IAQ for building occupants.




Fresh-Aire UV isn't just for people with asthma or allergies; we all need clean air to be healthy and thrive. According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outside air. Your family deserves to live in a healthy indoor environment. These products will also keep your air system clean and make it last longer.

Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series
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Petri dish - UV light kills microbes

Fresh-Aire UV Benefits


• Whole-house design works in central air system

• Kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens

• Improves indoor air quality

• Eliminates unpleasant odors

• Extends life of air system


HVAC Contractors & Distributors


Fresh-Aire UV is the world leader in UV light disinfection for HVAC applications. Our products are both innovative and quality-made here in the US. If you are an licensed HVAC contractor or distributor you could profit from this rapidly expanding market segment by promoting our products.


Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series
Fresh-Aire UV APCO Rack System