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Opportunities for Contractors & Distributors

Licensed HVAC contractors and wholesale distributors can get involved with this fast-growing market segment by contacting Fresh-Aire UV. Follow the link below and someone from our sales team will help you get started.

Tools to Help You Sell IAQ

To make selling and proper installation of our products as efficient as possible we provide a variety of marketing materials - at no cost - to contractors and wholesalers. We also provide training, both in person and on-line, to give you and your employees a thorough understanding of our products, their applications, and proper installation procedures.

Marketing Materials

Product literature including spec sheets and manuals can be found on each product page. For convenience they can also be found together with product logos, images, and video resources on the marketing assets page


Blue-Tube UV Overview & Installation

An overview and installation video for the Fresh-Aire UV Blue-Tube air purifier system. Blue-Tube fights mold inside the central air system and improves indoor air quality.

APCO Family & Installation

An overview of the APCO family of whole-house air purifiers from Fresh-Aire UV followed by an installation of an APCO ER into a fiberglass duct application.

Blue-Tube XL - Light Commercial

An overview of the new Fresh-Aire UV Blue-Tube XL kit for coils up to 72" x 72". Blue-Tube XL fights mold inside the central air system and improves indoor air quality.

APCO Sales Training

Sales training information for the Fresh-Aire UV APCO whole-house air purification system.

Ice UV Installation

Installation of the Fresh-Aire Ice UV germicidal UV light system into a Manitowoc ice machine. This product fights mold, bacteria, and similar microbial contamination in ice makers.

APCO Upgrade

Upgrade existing Blue-Tube and Fresh-Aire UV AHU systems with the APCO Upgrade kit.

Mini UV Installation

How to install the Fresh-Aire Mini UV System into a mini-split ductless AC unit. This gemicidal UV light system keeps mold and other biological contaminants from growing inside mini-split AC systems.

Commercial Series Sales Training

Information about Commercial Series products, applications, and selling points. For contractors, building owners,  and sales people.