Core Construction - Nassau, Bahamas

"The product line you are using with Fresh-Aire UV and APCO obviously shows that you have brought the best available equipment to the market..."
Core Construction - Nassau, Bahamas

Epter Chiropractic

"After two weeks operation it was found that APCO successfully reduced the VOC's to nondetachable levels. My patients, even without knowing about the APCO installation, have commented that they noticed a considerable difference in the indoor air quality in my office..."

Home Owner - Indiana

"It seems to purify the air and eliminate all odors. I live in an upstairs apartment and my neighbor is a very heavy smoker. I was running out of hope trying to find something to help..."

Imperial Palace Casino - Mississippi

"After installing the Fresh-Aire UV induct air purifier product in all 205 smoking hotel rooms on five floors at IP Casino Resort Spa here in Biloxi, MS about ten months ago, we continue to experience great air quality improvement and reduced maintenance in these rooms..."


Albemarle Hospital

"The results have been extremely positive with no microbial build-up on the new air handlers and a pronounced decrease in the build-up on the older air handlers."

Paws 4 Play (doggie day-care)

"The (commercial) APCO system has made a significant improvement to the quality of our indoor air and we would recommend this system to anyone concerned with odors in their home or business."

Thomas Jefferson University

"Use of UV-C lights in cooling coils and drain pans to improve indoor air quality while also reducing energy and maintenance costs related to microbial growth."

Sheraton Hotel

"This product improved the indoor air quality, cleaned the air system, and removed the mold and foul odors..."

Southeastern University

"The results were so impressive that Southeastern University decided to install Fresh-Aire UV Tight-Fit Kit UVTM germicidal UV light systems in all of their PTAC units."


Atlas Signs

"At first we were skeptical, but 30 days after the installation, during an examination, the coil was obviously clean with no visible signs of biological growth."

Christ the King Lutheran Preschool

"I am amazed at how much it has improved the quality of air in my preschool. Our beginning of the year illnesses were minor compared to years past, but even more amazing is the extremely low flu rate I have had this year."

Marion County, FL Jail

"No mold or bacterial growth on evaporator coils utilizing germicidal lights, dramatically reducing the need for scheduled coil cleanings."


Advance Hair Design

"I own a hair salon and have suffered for years with allergies. With the addition of your UV products, my chronic symptoms have completely vanished."

Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society

"We have been very pleased with the Fresh-Aire UV ultraviolet light system that was included in our shelter's design/construction, and the effectiveness of this product in the reduction and elimination of animal odor throughout our shelter."

Sheraton Hotel

"This product improved the indoor air quality, cleaned the air system, and removed the
mold and foul odors..."

Reba Management

"Since we installed the UV lights, the
evaporators are remaining much cleaner than the evaporators
that do not have UV lights. In addition, the smell of mold and mildew in the units has been greatly reduced."

Country Day Of Jupiter (preschool)

"In January 2003 we purchased two [Fresh-Aire UV] ultra violet lights as a test in two of our classrooms. The air handlers were tested 6 months later and the results were terrific— there were no signs of mold, spores or bacteria. It definitely improved the air quality in these classrooms."

Burger King Restaurants

"On behalf of Burger King Corporation ("BKC"), I am pleased to provide you with this Letter of Approval... to produce and supply to the Burger King System the... Sanitizing UV Light for Ice Machines..."


Subway Restaurant

"Since the installation of your product the mold growth has ceased and we have not had to return for an unscheduled service need..."

Thermal Supply

"When I returned the results were impressive..."

The Glenridge Retirement Community

"After 4 weeks of testing I am in total amazement at the reduction of mold in the ice machines..."


Treasure Coast Hospice

"Besides improved indoor air quality without the musty mold odors, we have reduced our maintenance tasks, of removing and cleaning mold from the coils. This saves hours of labor and eliminated the cost of cleaning fluid"

Mini UV

Project Stable
(special-needs children's equestrian facility)

"There was a total reduction of microbial growth of approximately 98%. Best of all the mini-split system has remained clean and the owners are no longer feeling the effects of airborne illness."